Our Program


We want Neossia to feel like home for our patients, a place of refuge, supporting those in the program Monday through Friday for 7.5 hours each day. We are passionately devoted to the treatment of eating disorders, compulsive exercise, and body image issues as well as co-occurring disorders including anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational concerns. The benefits of PHP, also referred to as Day Treatment, include the ability of the patient to be as active in their everyday lives and communities as possible while receiving the full support of our experienced treatment team. We firmly believe in treating the whole person, meeting them at every level of their being to promote life long healing.  

Therapeutic Programs

Due to the intimate size of our program capacity, each patient's treatment plan will be largely individualized and molded to fit their specific and unique needs.  We have found that working in this way has allowed us to move far beyond just  nutritional rehabilitation and behavior change toward a deeper, more long lasting healing of the entire individual; body, mind, and spirit. 

Experience has shown us that in order to attend to all layers of the individual, therapy modalities should be as unique, creative, and all inclusive as possible. Our program consists of a variety of different treatment options including: 

  • biweekly individual therapy sessions with a therapist and dietitian, including families and loved ones weekly
  • weekly family education and monthly family days
  • daily therapy and nutrition groups
  • experiential and relational therapies 
  • art and movement therapy 
  • yoga and mindfulness 
  • exploration of spirituality 
  • skill building 
  • recovery planning

Nutritional Programs

While, we understand that ultimately eating disorders are not about food, it is essential to true sustainable recovery that we address the brokenness of that relationship. At Neossia we have two registered dietitians on staff actively engaging, teaching, and supporting each individual through two snacks and two meals every day. Most eating disorder patients experience a disconnect from their bodies including stifled hunger and fullness cues.  One of the main nutritional goals of our program is to reconnect the patient to eating intuitively. In addition to meeting with a dietitian two times a week our other nutritional programs include:

  • experiential therapy
  • exposure to all aspects of eating such as; meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, portioning, eating meals as a family, and finally clean up
  • meal outings 
  • family sessions with our registered dietitians

Family Programs

Many times it isn't just the patient's relationship with food that needs to be tended to and nourished. Just as we see with most mental health conditions, eating disorders can take a toll on the individual who is suffering as well as their loved ones, family, and friends. Rebuilding that support system, healing relational wounds as well as developing effective tools to assist in communication are all paramount to long lasting freedom from the disorder. 

Our family programs include:

  • weekly family/loved ones education with registered dietitians or therapist
  • weekly individual family therapy sessions with therapist 
  • monthly Family Day

Medical/ Psychiatric Programs

The immediate safety of our patients will always be our number one priority. Regardless of what kind of disordered eating behaviors the individual is engaging in, the physical body suffers. Weekly meetings with our nurse practitioner and our psychiatrist helps us to ensure the health and well being of each patient. 

Embodied Movement Therapies

We believe that one of our many therapies that makes us unique is our embodied movement program. Fostering a healthy relationship with the body and movement is key, not only for the patient to be able to experience what healthy activity feels like, but also learning how to use somatic movement as a tool to access and then heal past traumas and emotions. This approach can include dance, yoga, relaxation, and exploratory movement, while the possibilities are endless. Patients will have multiple opportunities a week to participate in yoga and other movement modalities. 

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